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Thank you... and now on to the video... 

These short videos are all taken from video shot in August & Sept. 2003 at Capitol Lake near downtown Olympia, Washington. This level of activity was observed as early as May of this year (2004). Capitol Lake is an artifical lake formed by  damming the Deschutes River tidelands in the early 1950s. Because it is a shallow body of water full of nutrients, thousands of bats forage nightly at the lake all summer long. They seem to like the thriving macroinvertebrate populations that the lake supports. 
These look better if you Zoom your media player in to 200%. With Windoze Media Player you can "right click" on the player while its open and choose "Video Size" and set it to a new size. And the action will be observed in the light areas, but not the very bright glare.
 A 50 second clip showing the general idea.
Its 10 MB long, so don't try if you have a dial-up connection
Bats seen in the Ramada Inn's relection, zoomed in.
This one is only 3 MB
Bats seen in the reflection of the GA Bldg
Check this out... The moon and a bunch of bats passing by.
I counted at least 30 in the 45 second clip
Long clip of the reflections of the GA Bldg
The bats forage at the lake all night long, from at least May - Sept. We know that many of these are little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus).
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